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ArchitecturePlus (2006 to date):

Internal changes, maintenance and sustainability measures Jeruzalemkerk, Amsterdam West (2023-2025)

Extension and internal renovations apartment Amsterdam South (2023-2024)

Extension and internal alterations apartment Amsterdam East (2023-2024)

Design and project management internal alterations office Amsterdam East (2023)

Additional floor private residence Amsterdam IJburg (2022-2023)

Design and project management for additional floor series of apartments in Amsterdam East (2022-2023)

Study for extra floor for residential housing block, Amsterdam East (2022)

Restoration and sustainable uplift of state monument in Utrecht city centre (2022-2023)

Renovation and adaptation to renewable energy sources of private property in Amsterdam East (2022-23)


Publication 'De Obrechtsjoel, Harry Elte en zijn meesterwerk voor Joods Amsterdam' (2021 - 2023) 

Design of alterations monumental building in De Pijp, Amsterdam - private client  (2020-2021)

Study maintenance and restructuring monumental building, Prinsengracht Amsterdam - private client (2020-2022)

Design and project management internal alterations private house, Amsterdam IJburg - private client (2020-2021)

Design additional floor apartments Amsterdam East - private clients (2020-2022)

Restoration and improvement of RAS Synagoge Amsterdam - NIHS (2020-2022)

Design and project management internal alterations private house, Amsterdam East - private client  (2020)

Sketch design renewal and extension of Synagoge Amstelveen - Study for the NIHS (2020)

Restoration and internal interventions for the buildings at Graveyard Muiderberg, all state monuments designed by Harry Elte - NIHS (2019-2022)

Villa extension, Diemen Noord (2019-)

Strategic future studies on a private house, Amsterdam IJburg (2019)

Design and project management for additional floor on apartment building, Amsterdam East (2019-2021)


Management and advice on the realisation of a series of art works in Amsterdam West, with BRIGHT UP (2019-2020)


Extension of private house, Leusden (2019-2020)

Study for a kitchen lab and vegetable garden for the 'De Indische Buurtschool', Amsterdam (2018-)

Restoration of the Metaheirhuis – state monument realised in 1931 and designed by Harry Elte – of the Netherlands Israeli Graveyard, Diemen (2018-2020 )

Study and design for modifications to a privately owned  residential building at Ruysdaelkade, Amsterdam (2018 )

Raw Aron Schuster synagogue – state monument realised in 1927, designed by Harry Elte – feasibility study for multiple use and a sustainable future, Amsterdam (2017- )

Design of a temporal park in the Amsterdam harbour area, with BRIGHT UP and Kim Kogelman Ruimtelijk Advies, for Port of Amsterdam (2017)

Landscape proposal and realisation Hempontplein with BRIGHTUP, Amsterdam West (2017-2018)

Design and project management modifications residential building, Amsterdam (2017-2018 )

Consultancy and project management art work Kissing Couple XXXL with BRIGHT UP, Amsterdam West (2017-2018)

Modifications an extension of residential apartment in Uitgeest (2017)

Consultancy for Friekens Brouwerij, Amsterdam Noord (2016 - 2017)

Study for new apartment building along Weesperzijde, Amsterdam (2016)

Design and project management for the realisation of Brouwerij & Proeflokaal Poesiat & Kater in the former industrial building and animal sanctuary in Oostpoort, Amsterdam East (2016-2017)

Design and project management of the new office of 1camera – corporate cinema agency – in Buitenveldert (2015-2016)

Consultancy and project management on improving the Mikvah of the synagoge in Amstelveen (2015-2016)

Design and project management of the new Erasmus Booksellers offices at Veemarkt, Amsterdam (2015)

Design and project management on restoration and the realisation of new apartments in a residential state monument in Amsterdam, private client (2014 - 2017)

Design and project management of the internal improvements of the Zonnehuis, state monument in Amsterdam Noord, for Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV (2014)

Study and design of alterations to a residential state monument in Amsterdam, private client (2013-2014)

Study for alterations to ‘het Zonnehuis’, state monument in Amsterdam Noord, to improve the use of the building, for Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV (2013)

Feasibility study for temporary use of spaces at Amsterdam Central Station for NS Stations, with BRIGHT UP (2013)

Design assistance and project development of the Visitors Centre of Sterrewacht Leiden, with Infofilm (2011-12)

Extension to a private apartment, Amsterdam (2011)

Coordination, organisation of the manifestation ‘De Groep van Delft’ for STAG foundation (2009-2011)

Masterplan JP Coenschool surroundings, Amsterdam (2006-2009) (2de place Culture award Zeeburg 2009)

Coordination and organisation 10de Docomomo conference ‘The Challenge of Change – Dealing with the Legacy of the Modern Movement’ 13-20 September 2008 (2008)

Examiner to the Academies of Architecture in Amsterdam and Arnhem (2006 to date).

African Architecture Matters (, 2010 to date):

Technical assessment Majestic Cinema for adapted re-use plans, Hifadhi Zanzibar (2024)

Consultancy and support for Hifadhi Zanzibar Ltd., a private company with public goal modelled after Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV (2015 - date)

Exhibition Ng'ambo Atlas in the Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, October 2021 (2020-2021)

Conservation Management Plan for the Uganda National Museum, with the Uganda Museum, Odengo Architecture, Rand Eppich, etc., supported by the Getty Foundation (2020-2021)


Makunduchi Local Area Plan, with the Dept of Urban and Rural Planning, financed by the World Bank (2019-2020)

Majestic Cinema Culture Hub, research, promotion and business plan for Majestic Cinema, Stone Town, Zanzibar - for Hifadhi Zanzibar (2019-2020)

Exhibition on the storyscape of Ng'ambo as contribution to the Seoul Biennale taking place September - November 2019 for and with the Government of Zanzibar, with the Municipality of Amsterdam (2019)


Mapping of Cultural Spaces of Kigali, for and with Rwanda Arts Initiative and the University of Rwanda, together with Laura Nsenviyumva (2019)

Ng'ambo Atlas, publication on the cultural richness of an area of Zanzibar Town bordering Stone Town. The atlas is presenting the results of the research that formed the basis of the Local Area Plan of Ng'ambo executed in 2015-16 as part of the heritage-based urban regeneration project with the Government of Zanzibar and the Municipality of Amsterdam (2019)

International Forum on Cultural Spaces in Kigali, organised in partnership with Rwanda Arts Initiative and BOZAR (Brussels), on the strengthening of the cultural infrastructure of Kigali. The forum included an international student workshop on adaptive reuse, organised in collaboration with the University of Rwanda, the Uganda Martyrs University and Studio Adapt! of the University of Cape Town (2018-2019)

Development of the Local Area Plans of Pongwe and Kiwengwa, part of the North East Special Area Plan part II, with the Department of Urban and Rural Planning of the Government of Zanzibar (2018)

Research and organisation of round table meetings and workshops on inclusive urban development in the African context with UN Habitat, EC and BOZAR in Brussels and Nairobi (2013-2014)

Coordination and organisation of workshop and exhibition La Gare d’Amsterdam Reinventee in the context of the Dak’art 2012 Biannual and in collaboration with the Ecole Universitair d’Architecture de Dakar (2012)

Sustainability Assessment of the design for the  headquarters of ProCredit Ghana in Accra (2012)

Research and coordination of exhibition of Learning from Casablanca, research of spontaneous city developments, with Ecole Superieure de l’Architecture de Casablanca, University of Utrecht and Delft University of Technology (2010-2011)

Coordination and organisation of the workshops and exhibition Stars of Dar in collaboration with the Architects Association of Tanzania and ARDHI University (2011)

Visiting critic Salon Urbain de Douala, triennial art manifestation in Douala, Cameroon (December 2010)

Design of the exhibition ‘Blueprints of Paradise’ for the Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal (2010-2011)

Competition ‘Blueprints of Paradise’ for the Afrika Museum (2010-2011)

Organisation of various public events with Prince Claus Fund, Netherlands Architecture institute and Delft University of Technology (2010 to date)

ArchiAfrika (, 2001 -2017):

Secretary of the Board (2010-2017)

Overall management of the foundation (2005-2012)

Coordination of the ArchiAfrika Educational Network conference, 1-3 June 2012 in Accra – Ghana, with AAAccra and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2012)

Coordination of the transfer of the ArchiAfrika secretariat to Accra – Ghana (2012)

Coordination and organisation 4th African Perspectives  manifestation ‘The African City Centre (re)sourced’, Pretoria, 24 - 28 September 2009 (2008-2010)

Coordination and organisation conferences and workshops in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (2005) and Kumasi, Ghana (2007)

Coordination and organisation various other projects (2006 to date)

Articles, publications and lectures on various subjects related to architecture in Africa

Editor of website and newsletters of ArchiAfrika.

Delft University of Technology, faculty of Architecture (2007-2008):

Stadsdeelkantoor IJsselmonde, Rotterdam (2005-2007)

Among others a health care centre, mixed use buildings for elderly and housing projects.

De Architectengroep, Amsterdam (2000-2004):

Chairman of the Board of the share holding foundation (2003-2004)

P23 Parking in Amsterdam Zuidoost (2003-2005)

Intensive renovations and renewal of the department stores De Bijenkorf and V&D, Maasticht (2001-2003)

Various new built mixed use buildings and shopping centres (2000-2004)

FBW architecten, Utrecht (1999-2000):

Renovation proposals for the Institute for the Deaf in St. Michielsgestel and the Child Protection Council, Almelo (1999 -2000).

Folkers, van Buiten en Wilks Ltd., Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (1997-1999):

Extension and renovation of several up-country hospitals in Tanzania and Uganda among which Turiani, Mikumi and Singida in Tanzania and Kilembe in Uganda (1997-1999)

Conversion offices for the British High Commission (1999)

Various renovation projects on staff housing of the British High Commission and private property in Tanzania (1997-1999)

Mwamuka, Mercuri & Associates, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (1997)


Lafour & Wijk architecten, Amsterdam (1992-1996)

De Twee Snoeken architecten / automatisering, Den Bosch (1992)

International secretariat DOCOMOMO (1990-1992)

Departamiento de Urbanismo, Badalona, Spain (1989)

Establishing Hifadhi Zanzibar, a local development and real estate company for monumental buildings, with the local public and private sector and Stadsherstel Amsterdam (2013 to date)

Coordination of the AZA collaborative project between the Government of Zanzibar and the Municipality of Amsterdam on heritage based urban regeneration in public private partnership (2015-2017)

Research on Housing in Historic Urban Landscapes in Zanzibar, for Zanzibar Social Security Fund (2015)

Heritage-based urban regeneration of Ng’ambo, with the local government, UNESCO and the City of Amsterdam (2012-2014)

Consultancy for the Aga Khan Development Network (2014-)

Overall coordination and organisation manifestation African Perspectives, 6 - 8 December 2007 (2007-2008)

Rijnboutt van der Vossen Rijnboutt, Amsterdam (2005-2007):

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